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People decide not to relocate to Cuenca for lots of reasons: Usually when we hear people with an awful opinion of Cuenca it has more to do with a bad experience because of a lack of respect on the foreigners part, either for the language or local customs.Sometimes it’s because they were expecting Cuenca to meet an unrealistic list of “paradise like” expectations.Cuenca is high in the Andes mountains (8500 feet) so when the sun is hidden behind could cover it gets chilly, so you may see hail.It also gets hot because it’s high (closer to the sun) and on the equator, so you’ll see palm trees, but you won’t see many outdoor pools. We all carry certain perceptions and habits that could influence the outcome of experiences we have in Cuenca, good or bad. The many things we like about Cuenca (…culture, architecture, climate, language, mix of modern and old infrastructure) could be the same things that other people don’t like. The response could differ greatly depending on who you ask, where they are from and what mood they are in at the time.

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We were here for a number of years before being robbed.There is good health care, with clean modern hospitals. There are a lot of specialists and medical care facilities, so it has never taken us much time to get an appointment.We pay around -30 for an appointment with a specialist.An umbrella is a very useful tool for the rain and the sun.In Cuenca it can be cloudy and cool or sunny and warm for days on end.

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