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For the majority of domestic cases, the services of an experienced divorce lawyer are sufficient.

In the normal divorce case, the emphasis is on avoiding protracted litigation and securing a fair and cost-effective outcome for the client.

Mark Burnette, Esq., Special Prosecuting Attorney, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Attorney for the State, and Fred J. The defendant below, appellant, Johnny Rodoussakis, was charged with felony murder in violation of W. Code § 61-2-1 (1991) in the June 22, 1996 death of Randall Burge. Absent Attorney Anderson's testimony concerning the specifics of any conversation he may have had with Hutsenpiller, we cannot conclude that the trial court abused its discretion in excluding the testimony of Attorney Anderson's conversation with Prosecutor Burnette. When the State objected to the playing of the videotape in its entirety, the trial court instructed counsel for the defendant to play only those portions of the videotape that were relevant to specific questions he had asked the witness on cross-examination.

Cleckley, Esq., Morgantown, West Virginia, Attorneys for the Appellant. The alleged conversation between Prosecutor Burnette and Attorney Anderson, as recounted during the in camera hearing, was general and somewhat vague. The one recognized exception to the above rule is when an adverse party of the witness seeks to have the writing or object introduced into evidence.‘[I]t is not the memorandum that is the evidence, but the recollection of the witness,’ the party whose witness uses it has no right to have it read or handed to the jury; it is only the opponent who wishes to do this in case he wishes to cast doubt on the reality of the refreshment of memory. In the instant case, the trial court adhered to the requirements of Rule 612(c).

You need to ask yourself, "Is my domestic relations matter a normal divorce case, or is it of sufficiently high conflict, complexity, and value that I need to hire the best trial attorney available?

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call me, West Virginia contested divorce attorney Rob Frank, at 304-574-8340 or fill out the contact form on this website.

It is not inexpensive to hire a trial lawyer to represent you in a divorce case.He is best known for his documentary, Surviving Cliffside, which premiered at the 2014 South by Southwest Film Festival, Matthews started a private law practice in West Virginia, focusing on civil rights and consumer law.After a year he was hired as Assistant Attorney General, he worked in the Civil Rights Division, representing victims of housing and employment discrimination.Hospitals, and the doctors and nurses who work with them, are trusted to provide the best medical care possible.However, medical negligence does happen, and it is good to have a trusted & experienced medical malpractice attorney by your side to fight for your legal rights.

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