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Talking with Christopher Titus is a unique experience that can swing from endearing and funny to heartbreaking and “Whoa, too much information.” But Titus has never been afraid of airing his demons in public, whether it’s his comically unstable, sometimes tragic family life and childhood, his horrifying divorce from his first wife or his views on the ridiculous state of the world, and it’s earned him a powerful following and a steady career.Ranging from the Emmy-nominated sitcom Titus, which pioneered the concept of the semi-autobiographical dark life of a comedian that Louis C.A guy and his girlfriend were in the front row and he wasn’t laughing, and they were together.I guess he was on a date and, you know, it’s weird. Like, we get 500 people laughing, and the two guys that aren’t, we’ll be like “What’s your deal, dude?So I just jump on him, and there was a melee in the lobby of the Cap City Comedy Club. CT: Austin has become this weird bastion of brilliance and culture and art that I always kind of thought it was, but it’s more so now than ever.AM: About your shows, everything you do is deeply personal.Look, an audience will go anywhere if you lead them down the right path, as long as you don’t just whack them in the face with a board.Even on this new bit, “Arm the children,” I’m pulling this off in Texas and it’s kind of a satirical anti-gun bit.

Then I took a thing called Landmark Forum, which is a great seminar, and after that, I wrote Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding, and I realized I could do something with it.

So, I start slamming the guy, and throughout the show, I just keep turning back on him.

At the end of the show, we’re signing stuff and the guy waits in line, and as he gets through the line, he swings at me. Do you remember Austin differently in the past, as opposed to how it is now?

And that’s where our country’s going to come apart.

AM: I had a question about the way you put Voice in My Head out.

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