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'Heh, who knows, being all cool and coming to his rescue might get me into that little cutie Sakura's good books.'Haku was surprised when Naruto all of a sudden just appeared in the middle of the dome of ice right next to Sasuke. Glancing closer his senses started to tingle.'This...

this person is that Haku' he thought to himself trying to suppress a retch.

A blush rose on her cheeks before she was distracted. " she screamed before disappearing towards Kakashi and Zabuza's fight. With both Zabuza's arms out of commission he had no way of defending himself from the Copy Ninja's only original attack, the Chidori.

A flicker of movement was all he noticed before his eyes widened as someone with long hair was now standing in front of him, arms stretched ready to take the blow. Naruto could hardly believe his eyes but Tsunade's breasts really were that large.

She wasn't expecting to have her arm caught as she moved though and barely registered the chakra powered punch crashing into her masked face before she went flying from the dome. His eyes back to their deep blue colour again."Why did you not finish me off? "I am no longer any use to Zabuza-san so I am better off dead."Naruto seemed to debate his answer for a few moments before replying.

Managing to drag herself from the ground, her shattered mask slipping from her face she saw the infuriated boy charging at her ready to deliver the finishing blow. "With the mask off I remembered how cute you were and I just can't hit such a cute girl" he spoke with a huge grin on his face.

Just a few short months ago he had made his first solo peep and now he had come up with a new way to peep. By allowing the clone to do the peeping if discovered the clone simply vanishes and no beating is taken and yet all the memories of the peeping are retained.

However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.He'd told everyone he was going to train but he really just wanted to have a peaceful nap.He had awoken to a cute little thing kneeling over him and proceeded to have a conversation while subtlety checking her out. Fight on the bridge Naruto was a bit late to the fight on the bridge. He was a lover not a fighter and after saving the ever so fine Tsunami from being kidnapped they couldn't hold him holding her in a comforting gesture against him could they?The snapping of Tsunade's head in his direction told him he'd been caught. Many years of watching Jiraiya had taught Naruto many things and that was running really should be used as a last option if you had better escape techniques at your disposal.So when Tsunade followed by Shizune stormed up to his hiding spot, now with towels wrapped around them, he prepared his secret escape technique.

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