Paul walker dating teenager

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Some really do believe the personalities on screen are real.And somehow, that gives actors a pass to be real life villains. Fogle recently garnered himself a massive (though still not long enough) sentence of 15 years in prison.writer Alexis Rhiannon was an underage girl when a predator came into her life, much in the same way Walker and Fogle came into their victims' lives.She penned a tale of it in her op-ed, "Paul Walker Was Wrong To Date A 16-Year Old…And I Know That From Experience." “I don’t care if Jasmine was in love with Paul or how long they were together, or any of that,” writes Rhiannon, “because he took something from her by beginning a relationship while she was underage.

Even so, Walker's relationships weren't viewed as a ruthless act of perversion, many likely thought what Walker was doing was right.But he dated, and held long-term relationships with, multiple teenage girls that were the same age as the girls in Fogle’s tried and convicted case. In an interview with the , Walker’s ex-girlfriend Aubrianna Atwell admitted the two met in 2001, when Walker was 28 and she was 16.The two dated off and on through the next few years, even having lived together in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California towards the end of it.Because while actor Paul Walker's relationships with children appeared cute (and entirely legal) on the surface years ago, the blatant disregard of sketchy behavior by those around him shows just how sinister and subtle the wielding of authority can be.It's behavior long unchecked in Hollywood, and beyond. Even taking away the current climate of outrage and arbitrary spearheading of viral campaigns, America's obsession with celebrity character portrayal is enough cause for concern.

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