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What's the difference between a psychic and a medium? [Laughs] Things in the Du Bois household seem to be getting back to normal with both parents back to work. They're still in the same spot that the country is in, but they have a light at the end of the tunnel. Arquette: The sad reality is that crime is good business during times like these.

Patricia Arquette: I think they're the same thing actually. What makes Joe and Allison's marriage work?

I think that is working across the board in both men and women's favor. Weber: Every f---ing scene that I was in I had to be eating an apple or a piece of pizza or I don't know what else. Speaking of doofus husbands, Jake, what will Joe be up to this season? Arquette: You haven't even seen my cut yet, Jake, so just zip it. There are a lot of psychics —real and fake — on TV these days. It was so dark for a couple of years, which I kind of love, but I think it's good to give them a little bit of relief. If you look at the traditionally successful TV genres — crime, drama, medicine — right now there are a lot of those series that are led by women, whether it be Glenn Close on ...

Arquette: I think it's always great when there's good work out there, I guess, and I think it helps other actresses.

When we show up to vote and they don't - we win! - Law doesn’t let local law enforcement remove guns abusers already own. - Private sale loophole lets abusers to get guns without background check.

Forget about draping a hottie on your arm as your Oscar date — this year, the top names are coming with a more personal accessory: their families.

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