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According to section 11 of the VAT Act you shall not deduct input tax of more than twelve (12) months after the input tax became due and payable.

Please note that input tax incurred on certain inputs (purchases) is prohibited for deduction: -These includes: -- All oils for use in vehicles(including motor vehicles and similar vehicles), ships, boats and other vessels- Passenger vehicles and minibuses and the cost of their maintenance unless where such vehicles have been specifically designed or modified and primarily used for the supply of taxable goods or services subject to prior approval of the Commissioner;- All motor vehicles (other than the passenger cars and minibuses), bodies, parts and services for repair and maintaining of such vehicles except where the goods are used primarily for the supply of taxable goods and services;- Furniture, fittings and ornaments or decorative items in buildings other than items permanently attached to buildings; or such goods for use in hotels and restaurants subject to the approval of the Commissioner;- Household or domestic electrical appliances other than those approved by the Commissioner for use in the manufacture of taxable goods or services e.g.

Where cash sales are made from retail premises and subject to conditions prescribed by the Commissioner, a registered person may issue a simplified tax invoice that is a register receipt and shall include the following information;(a) The name, address, VAT registration number and personal identification number of the user of the register.(b) The logo and identification number of the register (c) The serial number of the receipt(d) The date and time of issue of the receipt.(e) The name, quantity, unit price, chargeable tax rate and the value of the recorded sales of goods or services.(f) The tax amount payable(g) The total amount payable tax inclusive. Possession of a supplier's register tax invoice (original purchase invoice) is sufficient authority for input tax deduction irrespective of whether the supply has been paid for.b) Input Tax Deduction As a registered person you are entitled to input tax deductions for VAT paid on inputs which relate directly to your taxable supplies except where the law prohibits.

The basis of claiming input tax is the possession of a proper tax invoice (ETR generated) showing VAT charged by your suppliers or Customs entries in case of imported goods.

You must therefore furnish the purchaser with a tax invoice at the time of supply.

A Tax invoice shall be serially numbered and:- (a) generated through a register (ETR); or (b) Attached to a register receipt Aproper tax invoice must have the following information: -(a) Name, address, VAT registration number and personal Identification number (PIN) of supplier(b) Serial number of the invoice(c) Date of the invoice.(d) The date of the supply if different from date of invoice.(e) The name, address, VAT registration number, if any, and Personal Identification Number of the person to whom the supply was made if known to the supplier.(f) The description, quantity and price of the goods or services being supplied.(g) The taxable value of the goods or services, if different from the price charged.(h) The rate and amount of tax charged on each of those goods and services.(i)Details of whether the supply is cash or credit and any discounts.(j) Total value of the supply and the total amount of VAT.(k) The logo of the business of the person issuing the invoice(l) The identification number of the register.

You cannot touch a Kisii man’s mother, wife or children. Fourth, ironically, some women find us to be overly possessive, jealously and childishly insecure. Dear women, the day a man stops being jealous or possessive is the day you should pack and leave.

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This stems from the medieval times, soon as we settled in the Kisii highlands having arrived from Gabon.Fifth, in Kisii culture, children belong to the man.That means no man would want to see his child suffering out there.We also value education, the reason we have been ranked as the most literate tribe in Kenya. ACCOUNTING FOR VATAfter charging VAT, you are required to account for it to the Commissioner.

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