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Mortality must have been very low; to maintain a viable population less than about 2% of birds may have died each year.

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Argentavis had an estimated wing span of 5.09 to 6.07 m (16.7 to 19.9 ft) (depending on the method used for scaling, i.e.As a rule of thumb, a wing loading of 25 kg/m The heaviest extant flying birds are known to weigh up to 21 kg (46 lb) (there are several contenders, among which are the European great bustard and the African kori bustard).A mute swan, which may have personally lost the power of flight due to extreme weight, was found to have weighed 23 kg (51 lb).Argentavis territories measured probably more than 500 square kilometres (190 sq mi), which the birds screened for food, possibly utilizing a generally north-south direction to avoid being slowed by adverse winds.This species seems less aerodynamically suited for predation than its relatives.

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