Internet dating voor dummies

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Granted, Jeongguk started this list in second grade when they were forced to keep diaries and he'd just developed a habit of adding something new at least once a week.It has never really crossed Jeongguk's mind that any of his observations would not be applicable after a certain time.

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Jeongguk pulls back his now-sticky hands faster than he's ever moved in his life. Everyone's expecting him to react like a jilted lover when he's not. Proms aren’t that much fun anyway.” “How do you even know that? “And don’t lie, you love parties.” “I love you more.” Taehyung shrugs.

He doesn't know what drove him to open his Twitter account this evening, the one he'd been forced to make after one of their teachers said he'd been tweeting random answers for future tests and had never used it after finding out it had all been elaborate April Fool's prank by Mr. Apparently, he should have just stayed away altogether because the first post he sees once again only further supports his initial theory that Twitter is, in fact, the root of all evil.

Jiminie @youngbaefan88 @iamthebest01 @kingyoongi @rapgod94 @hobistyle @pinklover92 EMRGENCY OMG TAEHYUNG HAZ BF WTF??!?!?

All of them didn’t know Taehyung enough for Jeongguk to recognize the validity of their feelings.) The dude's probably blind. He’s in one of his soft, white sweaters again, the kind that leaves his neck and shoulders visible, and good, Jeongguk doesn’t spot any stray hickies or bruises. Jeongguk retreats back to his side of Taehyung’s tiny twin bed, stuffing a handful of popcorn into his mouth and chewing noisily.

Which either means Taehyung’s not having sex or whoever this asshole is who thinks he can just touch Jeongguk’s property knows not to leave any evidence. Obviously this conversation is far from over; he is going to get a straight answer from Taehyung if it’s the last thing he does. Just in case some best friend-stealing manwhore comes climbing up Taehyung’s window or something. Jiminie @[email protected] I HAVE PROOF PICS (sorry 4 low qual) pic.twitter.7826398…

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