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The age limit for pederasty in ancient Greece seems to encompass, at the minimum end, boys of twelve years of age.To love a boy below the age of twelve was considered inappropriate, but no evidence exists of any legal penalties attached to this sort of practice.Penetrative sex, however, was seen as demeaning for the passive partner, and outside the socially accepted norm.Other authors discuss an elaborate social code governed the mechanics of Greek pederasty.Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender of the participants, but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, that of active penetrator or passive penetrated.This active/passive polarization corresponded with dominant and submissive social roles: the active (penetrative) role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth.This older man would educate the youth in the ways of Greek life and the responsibilities of adulthood.Popular modern portrayals of Greek homosexuality talk about the rites of passage undergone by Greek youths in the tribal prehistory of Greece evolved into the commonly known form of Greek pederasty after the rise of the city-state, or polis.

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This waiting period allowed the boy to ensure that his suitor was not merely interested in him for sexual purposes, but felt a genuine emotional affection for him and was interested in assuming the mentor role assigned to him in the pederastic paradigm.

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and many others explored aspects of homosexuality in ancient Greece.

To Victorian and recent times whereby anal sex and homosexuality were outlawed.

However looking at the art and literature of the ancient Greeks through a modern lens of tolerance sees the many depictions of same sex (both male and female) as the every day norm.

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