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What were the reasons for Firefox ditching two-decade-old Java Script in favor of the relatively new Web Assembly?

I couldnt help myself but laugh quietly, especially when the new government only has one woman who was given a useless ministry of state.Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets Video, Macabre Manipulation of Dead Children and Staged Chemical Weapons Attack to Justify a No-Fly Zone in Syria By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, SWEDHR chair.An examination of a White Helmets video, conducted by Swedish medical doctors, specialists in various fields, including paediatrics, have revealed that the [] Breitbart March 10, 2017 Paul Ryans Obamacare-lite plan will replace Obamacares health mandate penalty with an even larger penalty.BY XOLISANI NCUBE The sobering reality is the reason the old topic of Mugabes succession is gaining currency even within Zanu PF, where discussing the aged rulers departure was akin to treason.To oil the debate, The Standard this week looks at five people with a realistic chance of succeeding Mugabe as Zanu PF leader and possibly state president. Emmerson Mnangagwa In an interview with state television to mark his 93rd birthday on February 21, Mugabe said he does not see any suitable successor within Zanu PF.

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