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But when we saw these pictures, we had six simultaneousreactions: 1. Clues include the amount of makeup Tinsley is wearing to a cheesy Broadway jukebox musical, the fact that no else one is around at this intimate moment, yet someone took a cell-phone pic from maybe six feet away, and the fact that, well, Constantine Maroulis. God bless Guest of a Guest for caring enough to collect these tips, so we don’t have to. You don’t need a B-grade reality show that won’t make it past half a season. God, we are embarrassed that so far we’ve had four thoughts about this. Oh, God, here comes another one — we can’t stop it. If you dreamt up rock stars in your imagination, like for some sort of comic or like a cool graphic novel, you couldn't even think of a character like Slash or Axl. " When I was on the show, they didn't focus on that, and I think post-, a lot of labels and management and industry sorts didn't know exactly how to categorize me. Our season's tour was amazing, and fans would literally be waiting for us in hotel lobbies — particularly me.Drew has to deal with a sketchy industry guy in the show. Now more than ever on the show, they're saying to these kids point blank, "Who are you? Was I a rock guy or a balladeer or this kind of musical-theater guy? Teenagers and middle-aged women with all these Greek flags and these posters with "Greek Boy! The other Idols were getting mad, thinking I was tipping off the fans, but that's not what I was doing — believe me, I look like shit at 2 a.m.They have not reveled yet that they are going to marry but from the internal source it is claimed that he wants to make her wife soon. In the fall of 2005, Maroulis was in negotiations to star in a television sitcom called Brooklyn that was to be loosely based on his upbringing as the youngest of three in a large Greek-American family of New York.In November and December 2005, he performed his solo shows in various parts of the world.In August 2006, he completed a solo tour of 13 cities and he also started the material to be featured on his upcoming CD, including various self-penned compositions.

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These annual awards recognizing outstanding achievement in the Greek-American community are presented to "individuals who have proven that hard work and dedication lead to achievement, thereby setting a perfect example for the HTSF scholarship recipients to emulate.At Boston Conservatory, he specialized in musical theater, studying acting and vocal performance. They gave birth to their first child, Marlena James, on Thursday, December 23, 2010.Marlena James weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and measured 19 inches long.I wanted to make a great rock record, and I wanted to tour and also do Broadway, maybe start a label. If they want to find out where you're staying, they find out. Have you noticed any amusing effects of this from the stage?It's interesting how many Your hair figures prominently in this show. Guys in the era of the show cared more about their hair than anything else; they knew more about it than their girls did. So it's become a part of my character; the way I sort of touch it in certain scenes, or get it out of my face, or wing it back over one side, or come out of the headbang the right way. People have been pretty well behaved so far, but [with] Off Broadway it got nutty sometimes.

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