Being a late bloomer dating

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The late bloomers are all the girls who weren’t pretty or cool or popular in school, or maybe even after.

They are the girls who stuck it out when men looked through them and women made fun of their curly hair or big feet.

Only a woman who didn’t spend years being idolized and praised for her outward appearance knows how to appreciate what’s on the inside.

Having spent so many years working on what’s inside of them, rather than on what’s on the outside, they know how to appreciate the inherent beauty of others, not judging solely on looks.

The late bloomers are always steadfast holders to their roots and where they came from.

They don’t easily forget how they got there and who is worth their time and attention.

They are the ones who have personality and wit because they weren’t always this beautiful.

They are the ones who don’t just expect attention and compliments, but feel they must work for their respect.

For many of us, the days of adolescence were the days when men didn’t look our way, pretty wasn’t a word we knew, and life wasn’t about attention because of our looks.

It’s always the late bloomer who remembers who did them dirty when the men start coming in years later.

Just because she’s pretty now doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember when you treated her like dirt.

It was a time of molding and growing, developing a personality that could only come from learning to rely on things other than our looks.

They say that writers have to pay their dues before they can ever really make it as a great writer.

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